Thursday, October 29, 2009

Flowers for the Home

While working on my crafting skillz over our first few months in London, I decided to kill two birds with one stone: adding some needed decoration to our flat, and honing my aforementioned skillz. (I am now a whiz with the Xacto knife.)

I did two small bouquets. The first is more sparse and elegant, to work with the purple paint in our living room (which looks much darker in person):

The second is much more vibrant, and went in the kitchen. The kitchen itself, while fantastically spacious, was a bit cold and IKEA-y. I've tried to add a more vintage, homey feel to it using touches of red and aqua, and vintage British kitchenware.

This little arrangement is sitting on a shelf above our '30s white enamel bread bin:

The Horlicks and Ovaltine mixers and the egg beater all came out of one trip to the Portobello Rd. market. Incidentally, both M. and I have become Horlicks aficionados. We drink it literally every day, and our milk consumption has skyrocketed in consequence.

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