Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jonah Day

Today has been a terrible day, starting with not enough sleep last night. Then it continued... I did laundry, and went to the post office. I kept dropping things, and was told that my parcel was too large (but it's the same size I've been using since I started the shop!) and would be more expensive to mail. Upon leaving the post office, it was raining, on me minus my umbrella, and on my laundry hanging to dry in the back garden.


But it wasn't all bad... I managed to help my buddy Isa find a shop she'd been looking for fruitlessly. It was nice to succeed at something, and to help someone (in a very small way) who has been very kind and helpful to me.

And I also got some work done on a new project. Do you want a sneak peek?

I'll give you one small hint... I'm making this project for the nursery, but it just might end up in the shop (post maternity leave) as well.

Oh, and there's something else nice, too! Max the Cat is snoring on the couch behind me as I type this... and kitty snores are second only to baby snores on the cuteness scale. (Some days, you have to mine the small things for all the joy they contain.)

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